Capacity Building

Lower, East and West Price Hill Communities

Price Hill Will works closely with all three communities, often acting as the staff residents need to implement neighborhood projects and plans. For example, when the City’s Neighborhood Enhancement Program (NEP) focused on Lower Price Hill in the Spring of 2016, Price Hill Will staff helped the Lower Price Hill Community Council with building conditions surveys, staff and food for a huge neighborhood cleanup, and administering over $73,000 in donations for the NEP signature project of a skate park for the neighborhood.

Neighborhood Planning

  • Lower Price Hill Plan – Price Hill Will provided staff support in efforts to keep the Eighth & State NBD listed as an “official” NBD with the City of Cincinnati. Most recently, we are a key partner in an ambitious planning process that looks to redevelop and revitalize the entire NBD. We have also partnered with Community Matters to win a Duke Energy Foundation grant for pre-development work on a key building on W. 8th Street, in the Lower Price Hill NBD.
  • Plan Implementation Teams – Price Hill Plan Implementation Teams are charged with carrying out the goals and action items of the Price Hill Plan. While the Price Hill Plan gathered input and participation from over 700 people in the neighborhoods, Action Teams did much of the work of refining and defining the Goals and Objectives of the Plan in seven focus areas. Mirroring this structure, the Implementation Teams are organized to address Housing, Arts & Culture (the Arts Council), Community (the Multi-Cultural Collective), Economic Development & Neighborhood Business Districts (several organizations), Healthy & Safe, Schools, Youth, & Teens (several groups), and Transportation. A Steering Committee of neighborhood leaders meets to confirm progress on the Plan’s Action Items.
  • Price Hill Plan – Price Hill Will was born out of a neighborhood planning process, in the early 2000s. In 2014, realizing much had changed in the neighborhoods; Price Hill Will funded and helped organize a year-long, Price Hill-wide planning process in partnership with Xavier University’s Community Building Institute, the City Planning Department, and all three neighborhood community councils. Once the plan was complete, Price Hill Will organized and participated in presentations to win approval from all three community councils, senior City staff, the City Planning Commission, and the Cincinnati City Council.

    Price Hill Plan

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