Economic Impact

Price Hill Will is focused on economic development throughout all three neighborhoods. We are working with the Elder Alumni business and the Port Authority through the REACH program to help with the economy and housing in Price Hill. We are currently looking for more houses to include in our “But, Improve, Sell” program for residential development.

The big goal we are striving towards is for all three business districts to come together so Price Hill can become a vibrant, active, and sustaining neighborhood for its residents. We hope to promote a growing economy and safe Price Hill through the development of the three business districts.

We are interested in redeveloping the land to help improve Price Hill. Right now, there are not many retail spaces for the community. We want to bring in more “mom and pop” shops to help stimulate the local economy and local entrepreneurs. We want to push small shop logic throughout the neighborhood. To do this, we will be offering business education classes so that owners can find success in starting and running their own businesses. We want to bring in outside entrepreneurs, but we also want to help local businesses flourish and grow.

Price Hill Will wants to help stimulate the neighborhood’s economy through local businesses and entrepreneurs. We want to help Price Hill grow its economy and its residents succeed as business owners.