• Help Share Price Hill’s Story

    Everyone has a story. Are you willing to share yours?

    Cincy Stories just opened their second Story Gallery in our very own East Price Hill on Warsaw Ave. Cincy Stories is a nonprofit organization whose goal is to create community through storytelling.

    “Stories allow for walls to come down and empathy and understanding to be built in their place. Stories are the key to relationships and relationships are the key to community. With personal story, Cincy Stories hopes to build a deep community of listening, understanding and empathy. Whether through our monthly live storytelling events, short documentary videos, or community engagement work we know that stories do sacred things and simply want to take part in the hearing and telling of our collective stories.”

    Street Stories is a project of Cincy Stories. Their website states, “Street Stories was started as a way to both archive the stories of Cincinnati’s many neighborhoods as well as provide avenues for individuals to have a voice by sharing their story. We believe that stories are the key to empathy and understanding. It is our hope that through this project we can continue to build a better Cincinnati filled with neighbors and friends who realize that our neighborhoods are better served when our stories are shared.”

     On their website, you can watch specific street stories by clicking on your particular neighborhood in an interactive map. The first neighborhood of this project is Walnut Hills. Twenty-one street stories are currently on their website. You can also listen to their first Podcast, watch a film on George Smith, the winner of the ReelAbilities Film Festival Cincinnati 2017, and watch Live Stories by Margarita Gonzalez, Alex Stone, Rachel Byrd, Janice Curry, and more. If you would like to make a donation or volunteer, you can sign up on the website; current equipment needs are listed. Don’t forget to keep tabs on the Upcoming Events to see when the next Gallery Opening Party or a Live Stories series is. Click on the News tab to read articles written about this project by news channels like WCPO, WVXU, WNKU, WLWT, URBANCINCY, and CityBeat.

     The Price Hill neighborhoods are on the list of street stories yet to tell! If you’re from East Price Hill, West Price Hill, or Lower Price Hill, and you want to submit your story to the team, go to: www.cincystories.net/story-workshop. The Cincy Stories Outline Worksheet will take you through the basic structure of storytelling – including a story intro, complication/inciting incident, conflict, climax, and resolution/conclusion.

     Help us show the rest of Cincinnati why the Price Hill neighborhoods are amazing – because of the people in them. You never know how many people you are inspiring and how your words will impact a life. Consider sharing those times of trouble, heartbreak, and utter destruction in order to prove that these moments force us to grow. How did you overcome your struggle? What gave you hope? What were the words you wish you had heard earlier?

     Let’s inspire each other, be brave, bold, and vulnerable, and share the stories that make us who we are.

    Watch the recent Street Stories and submit your own at: www.cincystories.net.    

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