Land Bank Program

Price Hill Will serves as the Community Development Partner for the Hamilton County Land Reutilization Corporation (Land Bank) for properties in the three Price Hill neighborhoods. Our role is to partner with key liaisons with the Land Bank and within Price Hill to ensure that property acquired through the Land Bank is being granted to responsible property owners. There are currently four programs through which vacant land and houses can be acquired. The Lot to Yard Program is for acquiring a property directly adjacent to an existing homeowner’s property. They must own and occupy their home. Both immediately adjacent owner occupied homes are offered the property by the Land Bank. The owners then fill out an application for consideration by the Land Bank. Price Hill Will observes the applicant’s existing owned property/properties to make sure that they are well maintained. There cannot be any pending orders or violations on the existing owned property. The process can take several months with the current inventory of blighted and forfeited properties. Other programs include the Gardens and Green Program, the Single Family Home Development Program and the Multi-Family, Multi-Property & Commercial Development Program. Details on properties available and applications can be found on the Land Bank website.