• New Communication and Marketing Interns Introduction

    Hello Price Hill! Price Hill Will would like to introduce you to our new marketing and communications interns. Our new marketing intern, Grace Opphile (on the left), is a rising senior at Mount Saint Joseph University studying fine arts and graphic design. Our new communications intern, Beth Root (on the right), is a rising junior at Xavier University studying political science and mathematics. They both work with Sam Conover, the community engagement director at Price Hill Will. We are excited to have them come and help us throughout the summer.

    Grace wanted to work for Price Hill Will because she heard a little bit about what they do and she was impressed! She has never worked for a company that was so involved with helping the community. So far, she has learned that this is a very hands-on organization and that it is filled with employees and volunteers to help make it run! The work that Price Hill Will does is not for the faint-of-heart but gives you a sense of purpose beyond words. Price hill Will has helped her to meet and communicate with people. They are also very purpose-driven. Life is too short not to love your job, and Grace certainly loves it here!

    Beth wanted to work for Price Hill Will because she was interested in the work community development corporations like Price Hill Will. She wanted to understand the role they have in communities and in Cincinnati. She was interested in the different ways Price Hill Will is helping the neighborhood through economic, social, and physical development. Price Hill Will focuses on helping residents of the neighborhood find resources they need and connect with the other members of their community. Beth loved the idea of helping spread our message and connecting residents.

    Grace is updating the website and taking snapshots of the neighborhood at community events throughout the summer. She will be reorganizing and designing our website and social media to keep the neighborhood better informed. Beth is working on connecting Price Hill Will with local Price Hill residents and businesses. She will be reaching out to local businesses to tell them about Price Hill Will’s events throughout the summer.

    Both Grace and Beth would like to help Price Hill Will engage with the community and create events for the whole neighborhood to enjoy throughout the summer. Both started in May and will be working with us throughout the summer until they start school again in August. Grace and Beth are excited to work with and learn about Price Hill.

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