• Time to Get Growing!

    Are you a lover of fresh juicy strawberries, beautiful perennials, and community involvement? Get involved in one or more of our community gardens! Here’s the run down of our gardens and garden programs…

    • People’s Community Garden
      • Location: Price Hill Rec Center
    • Beech Avenue Community Garden
      • Location: Beech Ave, across the street from Seton High School
    • Roberts Academy Garden
      • Location: 1702 Grand Avenue
    • East Price Hill Community Garden, Turner Farm
      • Location: 956 Purcell Avenue
    • Grow It Forward
      • Location: In your yard!


    There’s three Lower Price Hill Gardens…

    • Victory Gardens
      • Location: Next to Community Matters on St. Michael Street
    • Sassafras Garden
      • Location: Neave Street
    • Aaron Raines Memorial Garden
      • Location: West 8th Street

    We’re growing this summer and want you grow with us!













    At the People’s Community Garden, managed by the Rec Center, you can work on your own plot or help with one of the communal beds, and then use the sports facility or swimming pool all in a days’ work. (Fun fact: This was Price Hill Will’s first community garden).


    Price Hill Will manages Roberts Academy Garden and Beech Avenue Community Garden. Interested in growing strawberries, plums, peaches, perennials, cherries, and foods you can’t find in the store (ever heard of a Giant Fuki or Sea Kale)? We have work days which you can come learn more and start on your plot:

               -Tuesdays from 3:30-6:30pm at Roberts Academy Garden

               -Thursday from 3:30-6:30pm at Beech Avenue Community Garden

               -The second to last Saturday of the month from 10am-2pm at Roberts Academy Garden

               -The last Saturday of the month from 10am-2pm at Beech Avenue Community Garden


    Grow It Forward Gardens is a decentralized community garden in Price Hill. Chris Smyth, Sustainability Coordinator, describes this program, “We go to people’s homes, help them put a garden in at their home, something small and manageable for them and for us, and in exchange the idea is that they help three other people throughout the next couple of years.” Did we mention it’s free? The hope is that after you’ve helped others in a variety of gardening contexts, you know a good chunk about gardening, Smyth explains. Through this program, we hope to make gardening easier and more convenient for you, while also inviting you to learn more and help plant others’ home gardens.


    The East Price Hill Community Garden, part of Turner Farm, or “Price Hill Community Garden” as Smyth calls it, will be the largest garden in the area. The community garden is located near the Price Hill Recreation Center and the Price Hill Public Library, so it is widely accessible to many. Some classes offered here include urban agriculture training, gardening classes, and experiential in-garden training.


    Looking to be involved? Here’s a list of ways to enhance your green thumb.

    • Coffee Hour, a program for moms and kids through Santa Maria and the International Welcome Center, often participate and attend our work days. Check this out!
    • Community Matters hosts Garden Parties in the Sassafras Garden every Friday from 2:30-4:30pm.
    • Come to our work days! (Dates, times, and locations listed above).
    • Come to the many classes offered at the gardens, such as recipe swaps, cooking classes, and gardening classes.
    • In the Fall, Grow It Forward will be starting a new program where they will go to people’s homes and build a garden for the spring in 30 minutes, tops. Interested in helping build or a little backyard renovation? Contact Chris Smyth.
    • Like us on Facebook at Price Hill Will and our Grow It Forward page.


    Contact Chris Smyth with inquiries or more information.

    Chris Smyth

    Sustainability Coordinator


    (513) 251-3800 x 111


    Time to Get Growing!

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